Three Club Challenge - 30th May 2017

Silver, Gold, Platinum - all played the annual 3 club challenge this week.
This clearly didn't turn out to be much of a disadvantage as scoring was excellent . Kayleigh's selection of utility, 9 iron & putter proved to be the winning combination...

1st Kayleigh Dawson 38 points
2nd Daniella Bettridge 35 points 
3rd Alex Craine 34 points (winning on back 9)
4th Connor Cain 34 points (winning back 3)

We'll done too to Tom Slinger who also scored 34 points.
Both Connor & Tom earn a one handicap reduction for general good play!

Upper bronze - 1st Callum Christian 20 points, 2nd Ciaran Cain 17 points, 3rd Shannon Saunders 12 points

Bronze - 1st Callum Brookes 12 points

Flag - 1st Harrison Elkins (8th hole), 2nd Luke Begley (7th)
Well done to Harrison who receives his 54 handicap & is promoted to bronze 


McGillion Shield - 23rd May 2017

A huge thank you to Glenda & John McGillion for their generous sponsorship of the McGillion Shield & to John for presenting the prizes to our worthy winners. Forty six junior golfers enjoyed the sunny albeit windy conditions with plenty of handicap reductions being achieved and a promotion for James Kelly to Upper Bronze for next week.

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Flag category  (13 players)

1st - Yasmin Dale (7th fairway)
2nd - Max Horne (7th fairway)

Bronze division (5 players) -

1st - James Kelly 16 points (handicap reduction of 2 & promotion to Upper Bronze category)
2nd - Sam Davin 15 points (handicap reduction of 2)
3rd - Evie Hulme 14 points (handicap reduction of 1)

Ollie Townell & Jacob Brookes also earned handicap reductions of one shot each.
Well done to you all 

Upper Bronze division (11 players) -

1st - Luke Hall 16 points
2nd (count back) - Faye Cain 15 points
3rd - Lorcan Keating 15 points

Silver division (6 players) -

1st - Ben Ferns 35 points (handicap reduction of 3) 
2nd - Connor Cain 30 points 

Gold/Platinum Division (11 players) -

1st & winner of the McGillion Shield - Alex Craine 42 points
2nd - Joe Saunders 40 points
3rd - Daniella Bettridge 39 points

Fantastic scoring and handicap reductions for all three prize winners in this category 

There was a flurry of '2's tonight with four players sharing the '2' sweep pot. Don't spend it all at once Jack Gilbert, James Kelly, Joe Saunders & Jay Waters 

The heads and tails games went down a treat with our two winners each receiving a 20 voucher for the pro shop.

Next week's format for the Silver/Gold/Platinum categories is a 3 club challenge (one of those clubs being a putter). Good luck everyone 


Inghams Trophy - 16th May 2017

A big thank you to Inghams for their continued sponsorship & support of the Junior Section.

Kayleigh Dawson was the overall winner of the Ingham's Trophy which was played in glorious conditions ☀️

Ben Ferns & Anthony Saunders both played below their handicaps earning Ben a reduction of 3 shots & Anthony 2 shots & promotion to Gold Division.  well played guys.



Flag competition (11 players)

1st - Luke Begley 7th hole
2nd - Lucas Venables 7th fairway
3rd - Charlie Smith 6th hole

Bronze Division (7 players)

1st - James Kelly 15 points (on count back)
2nd - Ollie Townell 15 points

Upper Bronze Division (8 players)

1st - Shannon Saunders 14 points 
2nd - Callum Christian 12 points (count back)

Silver Division (7 players)

1st - Ben Ferns 35 points (down 3)
2nd - Anthony Saunders 34 points (down 2 and up to Gold )

Gold/Platinum Division (9 players)

1st & winner of the Inghams Trophy - Kayleigh Dawson 36 points
2nd - Izzy Dunn 35 points
3rd - Jack Gilbert 32 points (count back)

There were no '2's in the Gold/Platinum section this week so the '2' fund rolls over until next week 

Happy golfing


KPMG Medal - 9th May 2017

Another terrific Tuesday of golf played in lovely sunny calm conditions. Thank you to KPMG for their continued support of the Peel Juniors Golf Section.

Flag competition 
1st - Sam Davin - edge of green on 9th hole
2nd - Ross Cameron in hole on 8th green
Both Sam and Ross are promoted to Bronze Division for next week 

Bronze Division
1st - Jack Timson 21 points (handicap reduction of 6! and promoted to Upper Bronze for next week) 
2nd - James Kelly 18 points on count back (handicap reduction of 3)
Well played

Upper Bronze Division
1st - Shannon Saunders 17 points 
2nd - Faye Cain 14 points
3rd - Ciaran Cain (on count back) 13 points

Silver Division
1st - Anthony Saunders 33 points 
2nd - Connor Cain (on count back) 33 points 
Great scoring guys 

Gold/Platinum Divisions
1st & winner of the KPMG Medal Trophy - Liam Kniveton 65 net
2nd - Alex Craine (on countback) 67 net
3rd - Daniella Bettridge 67 net
4th - Hollie Dawson 69 net
All four players earning handicap reductions - well done

Best gross score went to Jack Gilbert with a gross score of 73

Three players shared the '2' sweep this week - Ana, Lea and Kayleigh Dawson.

Hope to see you all next week and the sun keeps shining on us ☀️


Conroy Henry Stableford - 2nd May 2017

Lovely sunny conditions for tonight's Conroy & Henry Stableford competition. Thank you to our sponsors for their continued support of the Peel Junior Golf Section.

Flag competition 
1st - Yasmin Dale 8th hole
2nd - Sam Davin & Max Horne 7th hole
4th - Ross Cameron 7th green

Bronze Division
1st - Evie Hulme 20 points (handicap reduction of 4)
2nd - Iselin Keeling 16 points (handicap reduction of 2)
Well played girls 

Upper Bronze Division
1st - Connor Cain - an impressive 26 points (handicap cut of 5 shots and elevation into Silver for next week) 
2nd (on count back) - Olivia Bettridge 9 points

Silver Division
1st - Anthony Saunders 27 points 

Gold/Platinum Divisions
1st & winner of the Conroy & Henry Cup - Jack Gilbert 39 points
2nd - Joe Saunders 38 points
3rd - Ana Dawson 37 points
All three earning handicap reductions - well done 

Don't forget the next Order of Merit is at Peel this Sunday. Contact Lewis in the pro shop if you wish to enter and support this round at your home course - hopefully we'll have conditions like tonight on Sunday 


Clubnight - 25th April 2017

Well done to all the players (and their caddies) who braved the very windy and icy rain spells for tonight's club night Stableford competition. 

Flag competition
1st - Ross Cameron (8th hole)
2nd - Max Horne (8th fairway)

Bronze Division
1st - James Kelly - 16 points (handicap reduction of 2) 
2nd - Jacob Brookes - 11 points

Upper Bronze Division 
1st - Connor Cain - 18 points 
2nd - Lisa McMullin - 17 points

Silver Division 
1st - Lauren Haxby 31 points (handicap reduction of 1) 

Gold / Platinum Divisions
1st - Tom Cain 42 points (handicap reduction) 
2nd - Lea Dawson 36 points 
3rd - Hollie Dawson 35 points

No '2's recorded this week 

Well done to all our Peel juniors who played in the Dandara Junior Order of Merit 2017 at King Edward Bay on Sunday. A special shout out to Scott Moffatt and Tom Cain who came 2nd in their respective categories. Well played guys 


Gallagher Reid - 18th April 2017

Tonight saw the Gold and Platinum category players contend for the Gallagher/Reid Bogey Cup with the other sections playing a Stableford format. The conditions were fine albeit a bit on the chilly side but that didn't stop some great scores being posted. Well done everyone 

Flag competition 
1st - Jay Jay Plowman (7th hole)
2nd - Isla Kelly (7th hole)

Bronze Division
1st - Thomas Redmond - 17 points (on count back)
2nd - Graihagh Sheen - 17 points 
Both have a handicap reduction of 3 and are elevated to Upper Bronze next week 

Upper Bronze Division 
1st - Connor Cain - 20 points (handicap reduction of 1)
2nd - Ellis Dunn - 16 points (on count back)
3rd - Lisa McMullin - 16 points

Silver Division 
1st - Tom Slinger - 30 points

Gold / Platinum Divisions
1st & winner of the Gallagher/Reid Cup  - Ana Dawson +1
2nd - Jack Gilbert -1
3rd - Izzy Dunn -2

This week's two sweep was won by Jack Gilbert 


Magic Carpets - 11th April 2017

Very many thanks again to Magic Carpets for sponsoring our first competition of the season and to Sarah Bettridge for presenting the prizes. Well done to Tom Cain who takes the first trophy win of the season & also leads the order of merit.

Results were as follows:

1st James Kelly
2nd Ben Woodbridge.
James is promoted to bronze for next week - & Ben won't be far behind him!

1st Thomas Redmond 20 pts
2nd Rowan Keating 17 pts
Lots of handicap reductions in this section.....

Upper bronze
1st Sienna Dunn 17 pts
2nd Connor Cain 17 pts
3rd Ellis Dunn 13 pts

1st Izzy Dunn 37 pts
2nd Tom Slinger 33 pts
Lots of handicap reductions here too....special congrats to Izzy who gets his full handicap & is promoted to gold 

1st Tom Cain 43 pts
2nd Jay Waters 38 pts

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